We work with most types of small businesses in a wide range of industries. Scroll down and learn how The SBD Group is helping small businesses from a wide variety of industries grow and become profitable and sustainable.


Common Industries We Help Succeed


One of the most common industries we’ve worked with is accounting and bookkeeping. Our extensive experience in this industry sets us apart in achieving outstanding results. Accounting and bookkeeping is an incredibly important industry, yet most bookkeepers and accountants are weak in growing their businesses. Most just wait and hope for referrals from happy clients—a very slow process at best. The SBD Group’s strategies have helped small accounting and small bookkeeping firms grow significantly. In keeping with their vision and plans, we help bookkeepers and accountants better identify potential clients and work to acquire them for their own business.



How do you stand out in a crowded field? Everyone in the industry claims quality and ends up selling on price. Not a good situation for those who do not know how to demonstrate real value to their potential customers. Additionally, this industry has notoriously difficult cash flow that, if not managed correctly, can doom a growing company. We help contractors better identify their correct target markets, get the right clients, and manage their cash flow.

Insurance/Financial Planning

Price, price, price—that is what is typically used to sell insurance. As an independent agent who has already gone through their “family and friends,” how do you grow your business and separate yourself from your competition? The turnover rate is high with insurance, but you don’t have to follow that trend. We help you develop the right program and accountability to make your policies grow.

Internet Marketing/SEO/Social Media

This industry has been flooded with those who claim their results are the absolute best. You may be exceptionally good, but you cannot rely upon SEO alone for your clients to find you. More clients can be found through other methods and with excellent results. Are you going to remain as the needle in the haystack, or are you going to successfully grow your business? We’ll help you define and achieve your vision of success.


With the restrictions placed upon the legal industry in regards to promotion and client acquisition, it is more important than ever to be able to have a good strategy to grow your practice. Far too many attorneys hang out their shingle and hope and pray for clients—only to have difficulty repaying their schooling costs. Growing a legal practice requires the correct strategy that is within the proper limits given to attorneys—we have experience and knowledge to ensure you can grow within these limitations.


Do you have the dream of making a living doing what you love? That is how most recreation/specialty travel companies start. Do you have the skills needed to build a true business that is more than just a hobby? Learn how The SBD Group helps exciting companies like yours grow and become sustainable. Your dreams can come true with the right vision, planning, and accountability.


You’ve opened your store and there just have not been as many customers as expected. Is it your location? Is it the average ticket price? There are several factors that can impact the success of a retail store. If your store is not meeting expectations, talk with our experts and see if The SBD Group process will help your retail store grow in revenue and profitability.

Pet Services

It can be a tough battle to grow your boutique or service when competing against the big corporate stores with large marketing budgets. Pet service companies can be profitable and sustainable businesses once you know how to reach the right clients with the right message. Learn how The SBD Group helps these service businesses build sustainable success.

Service and Repair (HVAC, Plumbing, Appliance Repair, etc.)

Service industries face the challenge of separating yourself from your low price competitor. These industries seem filled with practitioners who are always willing to lower their price to win a job. This is not a sustainable business model, which is why there is such a high attrition rate of companies within the service industries. We can help you learn how to target and obtain the profitable customers for a sustainable business.